The Art Of Creative Expression

Yoga | Embodied Movement | Art Therapy

Workshop med Joanne Post Youssef 
Lördag 6 november 10:45-13:00

450 kr,  including material

Welcome to
The Art Of Creative Expression

Workshop Includes:
* Breath Awareness/Pranayama
* Visualisation
* Body Felt Sensing
* Yoga & Movement Therapy
* Expressive Art Therapy Processes
* Journalling
* Free Authentic Movement

I look forward to seeing you at the studio for this exquisite unfolding.


➳ This W/S is in english
➳ No previous experience needed.
➳ Bring your journal, if you want to enjoy some creative writing and connect on a different level.
All art materials will be provided, such as soft/oil pastels, water colours, markers, pencils, and a range of paper

 A bit about Joanne

Joanne is passionate, nurturing, and all heart. She loves to explore the depths of human consciousness and emotions. Joanne has always had an interest to deeply connect to others through creativity, movement, laughter and holding a space for others to express themselves freely.

As an accredited Transpersonal Art Therapist, Counseller, and Yoga Teacher, Joanne uses a range Art-Therapy Modalities, including movement, yoga, mindfulness and living values practices as a tool to empower and offer life-enhancing tools to create self-awareness and growth. Her goal is to create a space for deeper connection that invites freedom of expression and navigates individuals to come home to the heart. Her experience as a therapist has shown her how crucial it is to have an environment that encourages trust, creativity, compassion, and respects personal boundaries.

Joanne is a member of Svenska Riksförbundet För Bildterapeuter

Have you longed for some space and time to just be? To recharge and find inspiration? Do you feel stuck, unmotivated or overwhelmed? Or are you looking to find connection within and come home to the heart?

This month we deep dive into carving out space for ourselves to find strength, presence and inspiration. A space created for you to explore through expressive movement and art therapy process. These sessions give you the opportunity to take care of your mental and emotional well-being as you gain a greater sense of connection within.

This workshop is an invitation to become present with yourself and what is happening within your body-mind. Through expressive therapies, creation and movement you are able to be inspired to move through what you need, as you tap into your inner resources.

Most Importantly: It is not about the art itself, but what is experienced and felt through the art. You don't have to be an artist or know how to draw! In-fact it is like moving your body but you're creating movement on a page through shapes, colours, words, and symbols.

Yin Yoga 100 h